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A photo showcasing all of Calgary's Best Lakeside communities by Calgary's Top Realtor Spencer Rivers

Explore Calgary Lakeside Communities: Real Estate

Finding the perfect home in a vibrant city with access to nature is a dream for many. But if you also yearn for a lakeside lifestyle, Calgary Lakeside Communities offer a blend of urban convenience and serene living. From established neighborhoods with a rich history to newer communities boasting modern amenities, these lake communities cater to diverse needs and lifestyles. Calgary Lakeside Communities provide a slice of paradise with options ranging from luxury lakefront homes to cozy townhouses and condos.

You'll learn in this post about each community's distinct personality and explore the allure of living by the water in Calgary. Get ready to uncover hidden gems and discover why Calgary Lakeside Communities are such desirable places to call home.


Community Year Established Quadrant Size of Lake (acres) Average Lakefront Home Price
Arbour Lake 1991 NW 10 $1,650,000
Auburn Bay 2005 SE 43 $2,250,000
Chaparral 1995 SE 32 $1,875,000
Coral Springs 1991 NE 16 $1,150,000
Lake Bonavista 1967 SE 52 $2,600,000
Mahogany 2010 SE 63 $2,700,000
McKenzie Lake 1982 SE 43 $1,850,000
Midnapore 1977 SE 30 $1,800,000
Sundance 1982 SE 33 $2,200,000

Table Of Contents:

Exploring Calgary Lakeside Communities

Calgary has an array of lake communities, each with its own distinct personality and features. Whether you prioritize a close-knit community vibe, easy access to nature, or modern amenities, one of these communities is sure to catch your eye.

Arbour Lake

Situated in Northwest Calgary, Arbour Lake stands out with its sparkling 10-acre lake offering picturesque mountain views. It's the perfect location for residents seeking an active lifestyle, with easy access from Arbour Lake Road.

Arbour Lake homes are surrounded by walkways and trails for leisurely walks or bike rides. In the summertime, enjoy swimming, fishing, or boating in the lake. When winter sets in, ice skating on the frozen lake becomes a popular pastime. Arbour Lake is an attractive choice for families.

The community is home to two well-regarded schools: the public elementary school Captain John Palliser and the Catholic school, St. Luke. Those seeking lake views should consider homes for sale in Arbour Lake View NW.

Auburn Bay

Down in Southeast Calgary, you'll find the lively lake community of Auburn Bay. The focal point of Auburn Bay is the beautiful 43-acre Auburn Bay Lake. Residents enjoy a variety of recreational activities year-round. One of the big draws is the private sandy beach, perfect for lazy summer days.

During the warmer months, residents flock to the beach to swim, kayak, and try their hand at stand-up paddle boarding. You'll also find tennis courts, a hockey rink, and plenty of walking paths winding through green spaces in Auburn Bay. This is a great place if you love an active lifestyle and the outdoors.

As for the homes in Auburn Bay, expect a wide variety: you can choose from detached houses, townhomes, or even apartments depending on your lifestyle and budget. Explore listings for homes on Bay Avenue SE and discover the Auburn Bay lifestyle.


Chaparral, a sought-after lake community in Calgary's southeast quadrant, seamlessly blends natural beauty with suburban living. This area appeals to people who want peace but don't want to be too far away from urban conveniences. The 32-acre Lake Chaparral, in the heart of the neighborhood, becomes a hub for recreation.

Spend a relaxing afternoon at the adjacent 21-acre park, featuring stunning waterfalls and hosting local events throughout the year. Consider exploring real estate options near Chaparral Lake to fully immerse yourself in this vibrant community.

Chaparral residents are close to the Shawnessy Towne Centre.

Coral Springs

Nestled in Northeast Calgary, you'll find Coral Springs. This is one of the closer lake communities to the downtown area if a quick commute is a priority. Living here also makes getting to and from the airport very convenient. This community centers around the serene 16-acre Coral Springs Lake. This spot is stocked with fish, making it popular with anglers looking to reel in rainbow trout.

Of course, you've also got classic summertime options like swimming and kayaking. People like this area for the feeling of community and all the events happening in and around the area.

It really adds to the welcoming atmosphere of Coral Springs. You'll find various housing options in Coral Springs, from condos and townhomes to larger detached houses.

Lake Bonavista

Now for a truly classic lake community: Lake Bonavista in the south-east quadrant of the city. This community, known as Calgary’s first man-made lake community, was first excavated in 1968. The neighborhood’s namesake, Lake Bonavista, covers 52 acres, and its convenient location offers easy access to the Bow River and the charming Lake Bonaventure.

Living in this part of town puts you near Frank McCool Athletic Park. This area provides fantastic spots for sporting events and activities. But Lake Bonavista is known for its overall charm.

You can see it in the range of home styles from condos to single-family homes. It's also one of the best spots to snag lakefront property, putting you right next to those tranquil waters.


One of the newer kids on the block is Mahogany, located in Southeast Calgary. While new, it quickly made a name for itself with the stunning 63-acre Mahogany Lake, the largest in the city. The highlight of Mahogany has got to be Mahogany West Beach. With its Mahogany Beach Club, this area boasts top-notch facilities including a playground, picnic area, volleyball courts, and a lot more.

Plus, there are plenty of walking paths leading you through more than 74 acres of protected wetlands. What's nice about this part of town is you really do have tons of recreation around the water.

Kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or simply taking in the stunning scenery are all popular options. And as for Mahogany homes, there are plenty. Expect everything from contemporary condos and townhomes to spacious detached homes to fit any taste and budget.

McKenzie Lake

If a tight-knit community atmosphere is what you crave, McKenzie Lake is worth checking out. You can't miss the beautiful 43-acre private lake, which has a private island, beaches, and even a designated shallow area for those who prefer calmer waters. There's a really strong community spirit, too.

The McKenzie Lake Homeowners’ Association keeps things active with a whole schedule of events throughout the year, bringing folks together. As for McKenzie Lake homes, expect a lot of attractive options, whether it's a family-friendly detached house, a cozy townhouse, or even an easy-living apartment.


Next, we've got Midnapore, another great example of a community focused on those tranquil lake vibes. Nestled within this Calgary neighborhood is the namesake Lake Midnapore, inviting people to relax and unwind. If you're someone who likes to get outdoors and stay active, there are many beautiful walking trails surrounding the lake that connect directly to the more extensive trail systems of Fish Creek Provincial Park.

While smaller in scale than some of its counterparts, Lake Midnapore offers a charming atmosphere perfect for quiet picnics and serene moments by the water. Midnapore offers various housing styles at relatively more affordable prices, making it popular for families and first-time buyers seeking the unique benefits of lakeside living.

If easy access to both natural landscapes and urban amenities appeals to you, then this Lake Community is definitely worth checking out.


Last but certainly not least on our journey through Lake communities in Calgary is Sundance. Sundance, tucked away in southeast Calgary, centers on a 33-acre man-made lake perfect for recreation and outdoor pursuits. Residents often take to the water in the summer for leisurely canoe rides or some peaceful kayaking.

There is also Fish Creek Provincial Park nearby, offering ample green space. Many visitors come to this community in winter, drawn to the spectacle of the frozen falls.

Locals use the frozen surface of Sundance Lake as their personal ice skating rink. Homes in Sundance include detached family homes with views of the lake and Fish Creek Provincial Park. So, if that's your vision, you might find your dream property right here.

FAQs About Calgary Lakeside Communities

What is the nicest lake community in Calgary?

That's subjective. However, both Lake Bonavista and Mahogany have amazing amenities and vibrant community scenes. Each is special in its way.

What is the oldest Calgary community?

The oldest community is Lake Bonavista, which was first developed in 1967 and holds the distinction of being the very first man-made lake community in Canada.

How many communities does Calgary have?

There are well over 200 communities within Calgary's city limits.

How many lakes are in Calgary?

While Calgary doesn't have a high number of natural lakes within its boundaries, there are many man-made lakes, usually centered around specific residential communities. These engineered bodies of water aren't simply there for aesthetics either.

These community-driven Lake developments add value, enhance quality of life for residents, and really boost those local economies.


Calgary Lakeside Communities offer more than just a home. These neighborhoods offer a distinct lifestyle and have stunning backdrops that are worth exploring. It's like you've got an escape waiting in your backyard, yet all those conveniences and excitement of the city are right there too.

Whether you're after that peacefulness or it's all about water sports, there is a lake community in Calgary calling your name.

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