Canmore Neighborhood Guide 2022

Canmore Neighborhood Guide 2022


Canmore, Alberta, Canada is a beautiful mountain town in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. It's no surprise that it's a favourite among visitors and residents alike. However, with so many neighbourhoods to select from, it can be challenging to focus on the ideal location. As such, we have compiled a directory of Canmore neighbourhoods.

How many different Canmore neighbourhoods are there?

Canmore is home to many diverse neighbourhoods, each with its own set of advantages.

Town Centre

The Town Centre is the best spot to live if you want to be close to everything. Canmore's downtown features several businesses catering to the city's residents. The proximity to Canmore's recreational activities also makes this area attractive to families.

The downtown area is predominantly a business district, complete with all the conveniences one would expect from a highly trafficked and often visited area of town.

South Canmore

South Canmore is conveniently close to the heart of the city. Grocery stores, coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, parks, the Bow River path, and more are all within walking distance.

There are century-old duplexes beside ultra-modern single-family homes.

Lions Park

There are plenty of young and old families in the area surrounding your home, so it's usually rather calm. Beautifully landscaped backyards sit beside bungalows and bi-levels of all sizes and designs. 

Conveniently located near the park's tennis courts or soccer field, as well as the Middle School and High School. People who want to settle down here and raise a family will find a welcoming and supportive environment.

Lions Park is home to a wide range of dwelling types, from single-family detached houses to multi-family attached condos.

Spring Creek Mountain Village

This neighbourhood is centred in the middle of Canmore, halfway between Policeman's Creek and the city proper. Among the newest constructions in town, it's only the beginning.

Spring Creek Mountain Village is home to both townhomes and apartment-style condos and is located not far from the luxurious Malcolm Hotel. Short-term rental properties, such as hotel condos and vacation homes, are also available as investment options in this area.


Stunning views of the valley, closeness to the golf course, and stunning bespoke homes—are the hallmarks of a luxurious elite neighbourhood. 

The neighbourhood's woodland and architecturally gorgeous houses encircle a golf course, making for a peaceful and beautiful setting.

Silvertip's housing choices include single-family houses, townhomes, duplexes, and a single condominium complex called The Pinnacle.


With its many quiet cul-de-sacs and miles of riverside walking trails, Larch is one of Canmore's most sought-after neighbourhoods. 

The location is perfect; it's close to the heart of Canmore, within walking distance to the High School and Recreation Centre, and yet hidden away on peaceful streets with vistas of trees, grass, and the Canmore Golf & Curling Club.

Larch's housing options span from single-family houses to townhomes, bungalows, and duplexes.

TeePee Town

The hospital is located in one of Canmore's first neighbourhoods, which is easily accessible from Bow Valley Trail. The area's high-density multi-plex zoning makes it ideal for redevelopment and investment. 

There are a variety of conveniences, such as stores and public transportation, in close proximity to the site.

Apartments, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes sit among single-family homes on spacious lots. More recent new construction includes apartment complexes.

Cougar Creek

Located on the eastern side of the valley, the neighbourhood of Cougar Creek is a favourite of locals because of the abundant sunlight it enjoys all year round. There are a number of things to do in the area, including hiking, mountain climbing, shopping, dining, and more.

Typical housing consists of apartment-style condos and single-family homes built in the 1980s.

Three Sisters Mountain Village

Though it's a bit of a drive from the heart of town, this is one of the Bow Valley's most desirable neighbourhoods. 

Numerous paths, stunning panoramas of the Three Sisters Mountains, a children's playground, easy access to the freeway, shops, a cafe, and the world-renowned Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club are all within easy driving distance.

A wide variety of housing options, including large single-family homes, townhomes, and condos, may be found in this neighbourhood.

Eagle Terrace

Eagle Terrace may be found between Cougar Creek and Silver Tip on the eastern side of the Bow Valley. The area is perched above the town center, so it enjoys year-round sunshine and is close to great cycling and jogging paths.

The majority of the residences in Eagle Terrace are either huge, luxurious single-family houses or multi-family structures.


Some of Canmore's largest homes may be found on the south bank of the Bow River. Canmore Mines Ltd. constructed the original hospital on Hospital Hill in the 1940s, thus the name of this attractive neighbourhood. 

The trails connect you to the neighbouring settlements and the downtown area, which is only a minute's drive away, and the view of the Bow River and up the valley is breathtaking.

The majority of the housing in Prospect consists of single-family dwellings.

Peaks of Grassi

The area is perched high above the town center, providing quick and simple access to some of the best biking and jogging paths in the area. The seclusion of Peaks of Grassi in the woods, away from the hubbub of the city center, is one of the attraction's main selling points.

There are many different types of residences to choose from in Peaks of Grassi, from single-family detached houses to townhouses to multi-level family homes that span the mountainside.


The Canmore neighbourhood of Rundleview is well-known for its stunning panoramas of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. A lot of people choose to stay in this area because of its proximity to the town center and the abundance of fantastic paths that lead there.

The Canmore neighbourhood of Rundleview is located toward the city's southern edge. It is on a hill above the city and is easily accessible via Quarry Lake, the Nordic Center, and Spray Lakes Road.

Single-family detached houses, townhouses, and condominiums are just some of the dwellings that can be found in Rundleview.

How do you choose the perfect neighbourhood?

Due to the fact that everyone has unique requirements and preferences, there is no universal solution to this problem. However, there are a few factors to think about while deciding on a Canmore neighbourhood:


However, if you're searching for a single-family house, you should know that Canmore may be rather pricey. Search in one of the city's more cheap areas if money is limited.


Do you want to live in a bustling area with lots of places to eat and shop? Would you rather live in a tranquil area? In Canmore, there are a variety of neighbourhoods to choose from.


While Canmore is a wonderful place to live, its location in the Canadian Rockies is not without its drawbacks. Location is everything when it comes to outdoor recreation, so pick a neighbourhood near trails for walking and bicycling as well as a world-class ski and snowboarding areas.


Communities in Canmore range widely and each one has its own distinct character. Canmore is a great place to live whether you're in search of a thriving cultural scene or a tranquil place to raise a family.

Why should one move to Canmore?

There are several advantages to living in a Canmore area. We'll list a couple of them below:

It is safe

Canmore has a very low crime rate, making it a very secure neighbourhood. Residents have a strong sense of neighbourhood and are comfortable venturing out on foot or two wheels.

Exciting adventures in nature

Canmore is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities, from world-class skiing and snowboarding resorts to hiking and bike paths, as well as fishing and camping.

People here are really welcoming

Neighbourhoods in Canmore range widely and each one has its own distinct character. Canmore is a great place to live whether you're in need of vibrant nightlife, a quiet residential neighbourhood, or a place to raise a family.

Amazing mountain views

There's no surprise that, given its location in the Canadian Rockies, nearly every community boasts breathtaking vistas of the range's peaks. Canmore is the place to be if you value having stunning views outside your window.

You can easily access everything in the area

Canmore offers everything you need, whether you're hungry, in need of groceries, or seeking a new hiking route to explore. Canmore's neighbourhoods have been planned so that all amenities are within walking distance of residents.

The real estate market in Canmore is strong

Canmore is already one of Canada's most visited cities, and that number is expected to rise in the coming years. Canmore is an excellent spot to buy property if you're seeking a new location.

Contact a local real estate agent, who is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). He will provide you with first-hand information on the residential and commercial real estate options that best fit your requirements.


Canmore is a fantastic place to live with many wonderful amenities. Canmore is home to a wide variety of neighbourhoods, each one offering something special, whether it's near hiking and bike trails, restaurants and cafés, entertainment options for the whole family, top-tier ski and snowboarding facilities, or just breathtaking mountain scenery.

This article should help you narrow down your search to the best Canmore neighbourhoods. Don't rush things; rather, look about until you locate a location that seems like home.

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